A Guide to Challonge

The Beginners' Guide to Challonge
AKA Becoming a Master Challonger

The Basics

What is Challonge? Challonge is a digital tournament managing platform that makes keeping track of participants, win-loss records, and standings super easy.

When do I use Challonge? Any time you're hosting a tournament.

Why should I use Challonge? In comparison to pen and paper, it eliminates a substantial portion of the possibility of human error and makes formats that would be incredibly painful to do by hand, like swiss, super easy. Additionally, it makes it much easier to decode the order matches took place when you're doing your WBO spreadsheets (and eliminates all risk of losing some piece of paper where you were keeping track of results).

Where can I find Challonge? challonge.com

Who uses Challonge? People across the globe for things as diverse as wrestling meets to smash bros tournaments.

How do I Challonge? Register for an account on their website and then follow the steps below. While they don't have an app (at the moment) their mobile website works quite well so you're literally an internet-connected device away from making tournament hosting that much easier.

Video demonstrating a mock up tournament creation and entering results:

Step by Step Guide

1. Create a new tournament
[Image: chall1_zpshndebukl.png]

2. Tournament Details
[Image: chall2_zpsobpvnpg1.png]
-Give tourney a name
-Create a URL (I usually do the initials of the the tournament name followed by the format)
-Pick a tournament type

3. Tournament Type
[Image: chall3_zpsw8kgeqxx.png]
-Single stage v. Two stage (two stage will only work properly if there are no tiebreakers needed after the initial block round robin/bracket blocks)
-Two stage allows you to automatically proceed to finals without having to create another tournament
-Follow WBO rules for selecting round robin, block round robin, double elimination, or swiss

4. Time saving measure
[Image: chall4_zpsedtiohaz.png]
-Unless playing the new deck format or in the team format, the WBO is not concerned with the scores of individual matches.
-Selecting quick advance greatly streamlines the result entering process

(Connection Screen)
[Image: chall5_zpsl3vhpg0g.png]

5. Adding Players
[Image: chall6_zpsatsqwyj4.png]
-Single add v. bulk add
(follow instructions shown in photo)

6. Seeding and Blocking
[Image: chall7_zpsvqveyb6a.png]
-Number is initial seed (left-hand side), Color is block (right-hand side)

[Image: chall8_zps8ur8irnp.png]
-Shuffle by dragging and dropping (computer and mobile)

(Connection Screen)
[Image: chall9_zpspw5mg0oh.png]

7. Blocks
[Image: chall10_zpsjicvrfoz.png]
-Standings screen

[Image: chall11_zpsjpryainl.png]
-Matches screen
Irrelevant of whether you're in swiss, block, or full round robin the interface is very similar, double elimination is slightly different, but very intuitive

8. Entering Results
[Image: chall12_zpsr2rbquvv.png]
-Click on a player's name in the matches screen to find all of their matches
-Click on either of the boxes to the right of players' names to enter the result of the match, then hit save

9. Finalizing Results
[Image: chall13_zpsesvmnsic.png]
-Once all matches have been completed return to the standings screen to identify who should advance to finals (if in two-stage and no tiebreakers are neeeded, Challonge does this for you)
-WBO rules mean that people of identical records (irrelevant of head to head standing) must compete in a tiebreaker to decide who advances (you'll need to set up another tournament on challonge to log this)

(Connection screen)
[Image: chall14_zpsp1ejfwle.png]

10. Finals
[Image: chall16_zpsygosqn95.png]
-The interface works exactly the same way in the second stage/finals tournament you create as it does in the initial block/swiss/bracket

11. Winners
[Image: chall17_zpsynm1eqw7.png]
-Challonge will declare winners for you. However, you will need to look at actual records in order to determine whether or not a tiebreaker is needed.

Hope you found this guide useful!

If you haven't already I highly encourage watching the video posted at the top in addition to reading the guide!

Ended up deciding on posting this outside of the organizers' circle so that it would get seen by more people!

A fixing mistakes and what to do if someone drops out section will be coming soon!
Wow, very comprehensive. Thanks for making this, Time! I'm sure it will be very helpful to people who are hosting for the first Time (pun semi-intended).
They actually do have an app called Challonger, but it doesn't work as well as just using the mobile site. And it keeps asking for an API code. But great job setting this up!
THANKS Time!!!!! you're great.

I never knew something like this exists.

I will surely try this at next tourney!!

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challonge is actually very usefull for cbt's and online tourneys. ive used it before.
Ah! I love it - really easy for me to understand. XD I was confused with Round Robin. I have idea of how it works but with Blocks and such, I couldn't see how it worked visually; it was too many things to put together for me. This will definitely help me at my first time hosting! :') Thanks!
OMG thanks Time, since I can't host I might use this for CBT's on YT.