08.06.22 - Nock Em' Out Tournament Report.

A few things before all 2 people who are looking at this begins to read.

Big thanks to A-PAC and TheLordGrim for giving out prizes! Really appreciate this. And congrats to JefftheWizard for winning your first tournament!

Temperature was 88 Degrees today and it didn't feel all that warm. Well to me at least. 12 out of 15 registered bladers showed up and everything went smoothly. No silly, ludicrous debates and all around good sportsmanship. It was Group Round Robin with 6 bladers on each group.

Today I was testing the pockets for knockouts so I ran a full offensive deck consisting of KS.Cn.X'. Goku, JV.Bl.MX. Retsu, and ZL.St.Qc'. Metsu. Knockout was my MVP for today and was able to score a good amount of KO's. For GT Beys, it seems to be perhaps a 70/30 that it will hop out of the pocket. Take that with a grain of salt.

I do think some issues this stadium does have is that the pockets aren't distributed in more places, but instead clustered up and leave a big wall that may nerf offensive beys. A thing I noticed is that my bey will knock a combo into the larger wall on a consistent basis. Wall to pocket ratio is probably my only issue with this stadium as everything else that I saw played normally as if it were in a B-09 or B-33.


Ok boring stuff done now time to tournament report thing Grin

My first battle was against Killerphantom. Like many of these battles I forgot what was played due to a thing I have known as "skill issue". I was able to come out on top with 3-2 I believe. All the other tournaments he has folded me again and again. Feels good to finally win! Don't underestimate smaller kids by the way.

My second battle was against TheLordGrim. This dude had the audacity to run Judgement on Ul'... and win. Yeah I'm not too proud of my losses here. Tho cant really expect much since qc' isn't the equalizer type Uncertain. We scored a point against each other and it came to a reshuffle. Yeah Judgdment Ul' again. I'm once again not too proud of my losses.

I forgot the specifics of my battle against Vulcan Eagle who i won against and PhoenixHaven who I lost to. Yeah that's the best part about that. Great work tho you two!

Then my battle against Legomaster7777. For the first battle it was my Judgement combo vs his pP HXt+' combo (i forgot the disc). Normally Phoenix is going to auto lose. As it should have here. But my MX decided to become stationary after 2 hits. Think about the worst pain you have ever felt and multiply it by 10, joking of course. He beat me with pP and I did a test launch with the Judgement combo just to confirm it was pretty much out of business. Guess who wanted to be an attack type again? I scored 3 points against him afterwards and had a final score of 3-2.

Finals consisted of me making bad choices and ultimately losing. Yeah that's fun.


JefftheWizard had an insanely tight Lord combo. When using my knockout against him, I was able to hit it extremely hard and was even consistently attacking it to the point where it should've burst. We're talking stupidly hard hit, unless I'm seeing things.

I had a great time today and I'm glad everything went smoothly. Can't wait to start doing spreadsheets for ranked tournaments! (SOMEONE SAVE ME)